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Site Updates!

I just added my 2013 MEPSA donation custom appy to my Other Colors page. Once I finish his silver bay brother I’ll probably split that page into Other and Appaloosa.

2013 MEPSA donation

I’m also excited to announce the creation (finally!) of my Tutorials page. I’ve done my best to gather all the great hobby tutorials out there into one place, organized by topic. I’ll continue to update it as more tutorials are published. You can find the page in the main site menu under References.

A big thank you to all the great hobby people out there who are making tutorials to help others learn. I would certainly not be where I am today without online guides! I especially want to thank Jennifer Buxton, whose great blog inspired my own and who has graciously allowed me to link to her many wonderful tutorials.

The Real Alpo

If all goes as planned, this post will publish while I’m flying back across the pond. It’s always sad to say goodbye to travelling, but I am excited to be home, looking forward to a wonderful summer with a lot of jumping and other fun.

I’ve been following a bunch of horse picture tumblrs lately (a dangerous habit!) and I ran across this awesome picture. This horse looks stunningly like my snotty little model pony, Alpo. I wish I’d had this picture for a reference when I was working on him!


the real Alpo

Alpo compare

Want to drool over some pretty ponies yourself? Fall down this here rabbit hole- but don’t blame me for any lost productivity :) How about some beautiful models? Jennifer Buxton has been photographing and cataloging her amazing collection.

Tiny Things

My Christmas gift portrait cob now has hair! Said hair needs work, but she looks a lot better than last month when she had no ears and a wire sticking out of her butt…

Kettil Blacksmith is still in the pony hospital, but he’s recovering from Brokentailitis and will hopefully be ready to hit the show ring in a few weeks.


Meanwhile, awesome hobby bloggers are busy making tiny masterpieces. EG of Last Alliance Studios cooked up some delicious looking sandwiches and Nichelle of Desktop Stables made a whole library of wee books. Seriously, the first pictures in these two posts will give you a real double take.

Vicarious Breyerfest

I don’t collect original finish, I don’t really like huge crowds, and I’m a cheapskate, so I doubt I’ll ever attend Breyerfest. But I still love to pour over the news and pictures from those who do go.

Here are my favorite threads on Blab:


Anyone win the hat contest?

Doowiki’s Breyerfest Blog

Lets See Your Costume!!

Breyerfest Live brags!!!

And here’s an album of pictures from the Collector’s Classes from Blab member PolarVrtx

Extra special congratulations to Caryn Peck, Jamie Baker, and Anna Kirby on their 7th place finish in cross country at Breyerfest Live. Caryn made the diorama, Jamie made the horse, and Anna made the tiny tack. Way to go ladies!

photo by Jamie Baker (I think)

Has anyone else found great galleries/link for Breyerfest eye candy? Please post them in the comments!

NAN Favorites 2012

I’ve been really busy with family and friends visiting and getting ready to leave town myself. I haven’t been doing any work on models, but I have been happily drooling over the results and pictures coming in from the North American Nationals and Breyerfest.

Results and lots of pictures from NAN 2012 are on the NAMSHA website. Here are some of my favorites.

All photos are © NAMHSA. Congratulations to all the winners!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And an extra special congratulations to the awesome Jennifer Buxton and her kick-ass mule, Emma. Way to go!