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Anyone for a trade?

I’m really excited to be back in my studio and working on some more tack plus a whole pile of beautiful naked resins. Most of them have planned colors and even names… I just gotta get painting! Once done, these guys will actually double my resin show string!


That said, I’ve got my eye on the new stock horse mare that Sarah Rose is working on. She fun, correct, and performance friendly! You can see pictures of her on the Rose Studios page. I’m excited to say that I’ve already arranged a paintjob-for-blank trade on her- a friend is purchasing two Moxies; I’ll paint one for her and keep the other as payment. Perfect!

That deal is already claimed, but I’m interested in a similar arrangement for Adelee Hude’s new Lippizan stallion Adagio. If you’re interested in having me paint your Adagio, check out my MH$P ad for trade details.

Blast From the Past

This weekend I took two days to drive down and see my parents and my horse. On Sunday I helped build a tack room! That was wild. And rode my wonderful pony round and round of course. He likes it when I come to visit because I ask more of him than most of his regular lesson riders. I was taking him over these little jumps and he was sloppy as can be, and then we bumped up the height and all of a sudden he was striding ride and cantering straight and jumping beautifully. Lots of fun.

At my parents house I continued the never ending chore of purging and cleaning. This time I found a real treasure: old pictures! About ten years ago, during my first foray in the model horse hobby, this guy was my pride and joy. He was the OF Show Special Cream of Tartar, shown as the POA stallion Doc Holliday (after  the real stallion, who I knew).

Winning 1st in Novice Trail at the NW Expo. Check out that sweet homemade bridle.

Photo show performance picture - western trail, I guess?

Novice Pony Champion at the NW Expo

I also discovered some more misc. horse goods that are now for sale on MH$P, so if you’re interested in a traditional sized youth doll or some flower pots, I got ya covered.

Sales List Addition

Smithden Freya is looking for a new home!

Customized MM Draft Horse Mare. Now a bright bay with high whites and a blaze. She has a wire extending from her right foreleg that plugs into the base. The base is made with craft foam, sand, and hobby grass for a realistic “path” that lets this little lady get noticed.

She is painted in acrylics and is a proven photo show winner in breed and color classes. She comes with a halter photo. I will make a smaller, plain base for her at no extra charge. $10 + s/h.

Photo taken with flash. Please excuse the dust!

Moving Sale

Normally I wouldn’t use my blog as a sales forum, but I wanted to let ya’ll know that I have added some “moving sale” horses to the sales page including several bodies. I will give discounts to blog readers- just email me!