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Other Ponies

I’d like to be working on my hairy pony today, but I’ve been sick and I’m too brain dead and tired to do much besides methodically cross stitch while watching TV. So today’s post is mostly just a picture of a cross stitch I finished recently for a friend:

Pooping Pony Cross Stitch

The pattern for the pony is from a great book I got out of the library called Picture Your Pet in Cross Stitch by Claire Crompton. I lifted the tail and added the pooh myself. Cross stitch has endless possibilities for humor because the medium lends such an air of truth, nostalgia and dignity and yet you can stitch anything, from pooping ponies to rude sayings.

And in case you haven’t already seen it- cute pony in the news.

I spy…

I was watching my new favorite TV show, Community, and was rather delighted to see quite a few Safari models in Annie’s diorama for the environmental club (Season 2, Episode 9 “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design”). I easily spotted the Chincoteague Pony (left) since I have one, and on the right is the Mythical Realms Pegasus. I believe the other animals are Safari products too. Don’t you wish it was your job to make stuff like this for props?