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Tiny Hoofbeats Live

While I was lounging poolside in Cabo, my friend Caryn was showing her minis at Erin Corbett’s Tiny Hoofbeats Live. I had limited wi-fi in Mexico, but I did manage to receive a very exciting email from Caryn that afternoon. Two horses that I painted double NAN qualified in both breed and workmanship.


Aylwen is a G3 Highland Pony that I painted into an olive dun for Caryn. I finished her up last fall as part of a trade. She shows as a Highland Pony, and in addition to her Workmanship win above she also took 2nd in her breed class!


Vortex is a wild leopard appaloosa that I painted for Caryn’s husband, Martin. He won ribbons (and a NAN card) at NW Congress and Rose City Live last year, but this is his first blue. And like Alywen, he also took 2nd in breed! And Caryn said people were asking who painted him, which is a huge compliment and made me feel very warm and fuzzy inside.

I also sort of had a hand in Caryn’s two biggest wins of the day, a Workmanship Championship and a Breed division Reserve Champ. Those were both won by her little Morab mare, who I won in the MEPSA Championship show last summer. She was the prize for Novice Halter Grand Champion, won by Kettil Blacksmith. Since I only keep my own work (and Caryn loves Arabs) I gave the model to her.

This model was painted and donated to MEPSA by Cassie Black

This model was painted and donated to MEPSA by Cassie Black

Congratulations Caryn! I wish I could have been there. Next year!

RITNY part two: Customs and Original Finish

When the first two divisions finished up, we moved on the OF Plastic and Custom halter divisions. There were lots of gorgeous ponies out on the tables and made me itch to start painting again. I’ve got two horses in prepping stage that refuse to be ready, but every prepping session gets me closer (I hope).

Check out some of the shiny on parade, and a few ribbons for my horses too :)

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Ring in the New Year Live Show: Resins & Chinas

My travels this spring mean I’m missing a number of live shows, so I made a special effort to get the Ring in the New Year live show. This show was held in one of most interesting venues yet- a huge woodworking garage!


The show was all minis (perfect for me!) and had four division running two at a time. First up was OF China and CM Resin/Advanced CM/CM Glaze. I only had a few horses in those classes. My one ribbon was a third for my new Clydesdale foal, which was pretty nice since I’d hurried to finish her for this show.

Check out some of the other beauties on display that morning:

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NW Congress: OF Performance

The OF Performance division was on Sunday along with the custom halter divisions. This is always a brilliant choice by the show holder because it means you don’t have to choose between showing your horse in halter or performance. I was busy showing in the multiple halter divisions, but I still managed to snap a few pictures of the cool stuff happening the in the OF Performance division.
This is the last of my NW Congress pictures posts, and I also threw in some of the misc. pictures I had from the vintage classes, OF Halter, Open AR, and other fun.

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As you may have noticed I’ve had no time for blogging recently- I’ve been working a lot, riding my horse every week (whee!), and trying to keep life in order as we head into the holidays and the traveling and other business they bring. I do have a few little projects in the works, though- some stuff for me and some more highly prioritized presents. I’ve been taking some in progress pictures and hopefully I’ll have a moment this week to post them.

NW Congress: Custom Minis

On Sunday were the CM halter classes. The Simple Custom Mini division was pretty big and competitive. Our illustrious judge, Tracy Eilers, really had her work cut out for her! She really knows her stuff and did a great job keeping things moving smoothly.

My most exciting win of the division, and the show, was this 1-2 in the Appaloosa workmanship class. Diamond, the pony, is actually one of my earlier customs, done after the summer camp mare who taught me to canter. Second place went to Vortex, a custom by me owned by Martin Peck.

It was satisfying to move two horses to the judge off table. And even more satisfying when I came back to a Reserve Champion rosette!

That’s my first live show champ or reserve win, and to get it in Workmanship is very, very cool. Whee! The champion, a lovely pinto draft, was also reserve in breed. Diamond got a NAN card in breed too, with a second in Other Ponies- and second only to division reserve champ. It was really her day!

I had some other very satisfying placings in the division, and oogled lots of beautiful horses. Here are the rest of the pictures I managed to snap: