Reference Pictures

This is a gallery for images that are helpful for customizers. Most of these images have been circulated on hobby list serves and message boards. These were collected purely for reference purposes, so I do not have credits for most of the photos. If you recognize a photo I would be happy to give proper credit.

The Herman Dittrich drawings are from the University of Wisconsin’s digital archive, linked to on Fallen Leaves by Christine Sutcliffe and breyer08. Citation per U of W’s site: Ellenberger, Wilhelm, Hermann Baum, and Hermann Dittrich. 1898. Handbuch der Anatomie der Tiere für Künstler. Leipzig: Dieterichsche Verlagsbuchhandlung.

If you are looking for a picture of something specific (a pose, color, marking, etc.) feel free to comment- I have a vast library of reference pictures and may have what you need.

One response to “Reference Pictures

  1. Thank you or including this page :) It’s wicked helpful especially since those private parts are so diffivult to find and you cant exactly leave them out lol.

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