Land of Misfit Toys, or Awkward Models

I’ve been (delightfully) busy judging a division of the May MHOSS Photo Show so I haven’t been doing too much of my own pony work. I sat down tonight and this is what happened…

On the right is my once-nearly-completed ASB. She had an unfortunate run in with orange pastels and had to be restarted. Here she is in her birthday suit (bottom coat of acrylic) which is Irisdescent Gold mixed with Titanium White. I’ve been working on this horse forever… several failed attempts, include one melted beast, have preceded the current version.

On the left of the picture is my centaur. I started him this Spring Break and he is now ready for some color. I am having a hard time getting his skin right… I need him to be caucasian because I want the horse part to be a light palomino like this pretty boy.

But right now he is a scary pinkish white boy, not exactly the tanned tone you would expect from someone who runs around all day shirtless spearing things. My housemate and I spent some quality time mixing paints and our best was a pinkish grey…bleh. So then I was stuck with paint which I slapped on my Frankenfoal (above, middle). At least a coat of uniform paint means that I can better see his musculature… or lack thereof.

But happily, model horses is a hobby for me in which the journey is as fun, or more fun, as the end result. So I am striding gallantly along with my posse of pale ponies. And keeping fingers crossed that our new apartment will indeed have a nice finished basement…

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