Basic (but Super Useful) Tips from Other Bloggers

Never loose the “trouble spots” again! Karen Grigson of Bluebird Studio circles spots that need more prep work so she doesn’t loose them. This is simple but brilliant.

Find your seams with Amanda Brock of Rogue Horse Studio. She demonstrates on a resin, but this wisdom holds true for other makes too.

Don’t forget the chestnuts! And if you do, here’s an easy fix from Jenn Danza at Cool Blue Studio.

I am constantly impressed by how generously people in this hobby share there tips and tricks. Speaking of which, I hear that Anna Kirby/Dreamflite Design’s stablemate saddle tutorial is almost ready for release. Be excited!

One response to “Basic (but Super Useful) Tips from Other Bloggers

  1. I am eagerly awaiting Anna’s tutorial!!! so I am super excited for it!! maybe it can help me with pesky panels that just aren’t special enough to make themselves for me!!

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